FQ-RCTA03 3000A Flexible Rogowski coil AC current transformer CT

flexible current transformer

The FQ-RCTA03 Flexible AC current probe is designed for easy installed in tight spaces and without the need for dismantling the primary busbar or cables. It includes a flexible Rogowski coil probe and electronic modules. The signal from the coil probe can be amplified by the electronic modules through the integration processing. The output signal can be directly used in oscilloscope, digital multimeter or data logger recording instrument.



  • Power quality monitoring
  • CT secondary current detection
  • Smart logger
  • Distributed measurement systems


  • Flexible and light weights, exquisite appearance
  • Easy & quick installation in tight spaces
  • No danger from open-circuited secondary
  • No core saturation or damage if overloaded
  • Excellent linearity
  • Multi-size are available
  • Maximum measuring current up to 6000A

General data

  • Operating temperature & humidity 0 to 50°C (32-122℉),≦80%RH(No condensate)
  • Storage temperature & humidity: -10 to 60°C (14-140℉), ≦80%RH(No condensate)
  • Operating environment: Indoor, altitude up to 2000 meters
  • Standards Safety: IEC61010-1:2001, 600V CAT III


Electrical parameters (FQ-RCTA03-305)
Current range 60A/600A/6000A (10%~100%In)
Output sensitivity 50mV/A, 5mV/A, 0.5mV/A
Accuracy ±1%(10%~100%In) @45-65Hz
Phase error ±1°(10%~100%In) @45-65Hz
10°@ 20kHz
Linearity error ±0.2%(10%~100%In)
Position Sensitivity ±2%(The distance from the measured Cable to the junction is above 20mm)
External Influence ±1% Max(More than 200mm from the coil)
Noise 8mV rms(60A); 2 mV rms (60A)
Temperature coefficient ±0.08%/°C of the reading data
Frequency Range 10Hz to 20Hz(-3dB)
Load impedance Min 100KΩ
Power supply 2*AA|MN1500|LR6 Batter y(400 hrs)
External adapter: 4.5V DC
Power LED Indicator ON indication When normal power (Red light goes off after 3 seconds)
Low batter y indication(Red is always on)
Overload LED indicator Overload above 120% of the range indication(Yellow)
Operating voltage 600V AC RMS or DC
Security level IEC61010-1:2001,600V CAT III
Mechanical parameters
Cable length 3m (Measuring head to the electronics module)
Output terminals 0.5m cable with Safety BNC plug
Weight 230g (Measuring head),130g (Electronic modules)

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