GF302D1S Portable Three Phase Electricity Meter Test System With Reference Meter and Current & Voltage Source

electricity meter test system

The GF302D1S portable three phase electricity meter test system consists of an integrated 0.05% three-phase current and voltage source and a three-phase electronic reference meter of accuracy class 0.02. Characteristic features of the GF302D1S are its wide measuring range from 0 to 3*120A and 0 to 3*600V, high accuracy and high tolerance to unwanted external influences.


The GF302D1S potable meter test system allows the monitoring of meter installations as well as analysis of the local mains conditions when it is as portable reference working standard. The equipment offers high functionality combined with an excellent menu guided operation via built-in keyboards and colored 7' touch LCD-display. Voltage & current harmonics output from 2 to 63 times. This model portable meter test system can be programmable by PC, automatic generation of energy meter error test report.


  • Testing phase angle meter;
  • Testing power factor meter;
  • Measuring the distortion factor;
  • As three phase reference standard;
  • User friendly menu guided operation;
  • Measuring mechanical meter and electric meter;
  • As three phase voltage source and current source;
  • Measuring frequency, phase shift and power factor;
  • Automatic operation without need of an external PC;
  • Testing single phase/ three phase panel power meter;
  • Easy verification and analysis of meter installations;
  • Testing single phase/ three phase ammeter and voltmeter;
  • Especially configured USB stick for storage of customer data;
  • Energy dosing with built-in current source and voltage source;
  • Testing all kinds of energy meter in 1P2W, 1P3W, 3P3W, 3P4W;
  • Power and energy measurements for active, reactive and apparent power;
  • Harmonic spectrum analysis for voltage and current up to the 63rd order;
  • Vector diagram display and phase sequence indication on integrated colored screen;


  • Weight 23Kg;
  • With 120A clamp on ct;
  • 1P2W, 1P3W, 3P3W, 3P4W;
  • 7 inch TFT touch screen;
  • Test by automatic or manual;
  • Accuracy class 0.02 or 0.05;
  • Start testing and creep testing;
  • 0-120A/0-600V/40-70Hz/0-360.000;
  • Used on site or in the laboratory;
  • The test Scheme can be programmed;
  • Recorder 10000 sets energy meter data;
  • Power factor from -1.00000 to 1.00000;
  • 5A, 20A, 120A, 1000A, 3000A clamp optional;
  • With 2-63rd harmonics measurement function;
  • Reference standard and power source integrated;
  • Overload, short circuit, open circuit protection;
  • imp/kWh,imp/kvarh, imp/Wh, imp/varh etc optional;


Electrical parameters
Accuracy 0.02%, 0.05%
Power Supply One Phase AC 100-265V, frequency 50/60Hz.
Voltage measurement
Range 0.00-600V
Resolution 0.001V
Error ±0.02% (30V-600V)
±0.05% (0.1V-30V)
Harmonic 2nd-63st
Current measurement
Range (direct connection) 1mA-120A
Resolution 0.1mA
Error (direct connection) ±0.02% (10mA-120A)
±0.05% (1mA-10mA)
Harmonic 2nd-63st
Clamp on CTs(optional) 5A,20A, 100A, 200A, 500A, 1000A, 2000A, 3000A
Accuracy 0.2%
Power measure error
Active power (direct connection) ±0.02% (0.01A-120A)
±0.05% (0.001A-0.01A)
Reactive power (direct connection) ±0.05% (0.1A-120A)
Active power (clamp on CTs) ±0.2% (0.001A-120A)
Reactive power (clamp on CTs) ±0.5% (0.001A-120A)
Energy measure error
Active energy (direct connection) ±0.02% (0.01A-120A)
±0.05% (0.001A-0.01A)
Reactive energy (direct connection) ±0.05% (0.01A-120A)
Active energy (clamp on CTs) ±0.2% (0.001A-120A)
Reactive energy (clamp on CTs) ±0.5% (0.001A-120A)
Phase angle measurement
Range 0°-360°
Resolution 0.005°
Error ±0.015°
Frequency Measurement
Range 40Hz-70Hz
Resolution 0.0005Hz
Error 0.001Hz
Power factor measurement
Range -1.0 ~ 0 ~ +1.0
Resolution 0.0001
Error 0.0005
AC Voltage Source Output
Range(U1,U2,U3) 0-500V
Adjustment range (0-120)%RG(1)
Adjustment fineness 0.01%RG, 0.1%RG, 1%RG, 10%RG as optional.
Stability 0.01%/120s
Distortion 0.3% (Non-capacitive load)
Output load each phase 25VA or 50VA
Accuracy 0.05%RG
AC Current Source Output
Range(I1,I2,I3) 0-120A
Adjustment range (0-100)%RG
Adjustment fineness 0.01%RG, 0.1%RG, 1%RG, 10%RG as optional.
Stability <0.01%/120s
Distortion ≤0.3% (Non-capacitive load)
Max Output load 50VA or 100VA;
Accuracy 0.05%RG
Power output
Active power output stability <0.01%RG/120s
Reactive power output stability <0.02%RG/120s
Active power output accuracy 0.05%RG
Reactive power output accuracy 0.1%RG
Phase Output
Output adjustment range 0°-359.999°
Output adjustment fineness 10, 1, 0.1, 0.01 as optional.
Resolution 0.01°
Accuracy 0.02°
Power Factor Output
Adjustment range -1 ~ 0 ~ 1
Resolution 0.0001
Measurement accuracy 0. 0005
Frequency Output
Range 40Hz-70Hz
Resolution 0.001Hz
Accuracy 0.002Hz
Voltage /Current/Harmonic Output
Harmonic number 2-63times
Harmonic content 0-40%
Harmonic phase 0-359.99
Harmonic setting accuracy (10%±0.1%)RD(2)
Energy Pulse Output
Energy pulse type Active pulse, reactive pulse
Active Energy pulse output 5V, 10mA
Energy Pulse Input
Energy pulse type support active and reactive pulse, the highest frequency power pulse input is 2MHz.
Color LCD 7"STN (800×480), touch
Communication Port
Communication Port RS232, USB2.0
Vector diagram Yes
Waveform Yes
Energy register test Yes
CT ratio test Yes
CT PT burden test Yes
Local parameter input Yes
Wiring emulation Yes
Self-calibration Yes
Recorder check Yes
Data storage Yes
GPS Yes, optional
Data storage qty 10000
External extend memory Yes
Communication with PC Yes
Upload data Yes
Keyboard Yes
Standard IEC 62053-21,22, 23; IEC 60736; ANSI C12.20-2002;
JJG 597-2005; JJG596-2012; JJG 1085-2013; JJF 68-2019;
DL/T 826-2002; DL/T 1478-2015; DL/T 448-2016; EN 50470
Isolation protection IEC 61010-1:2001
Measurement Category 300 V CAT III, 600 V CAT II
Degree of protection IP42
Declaration of conformity CE & CNAS certified
Mechanical parameters
Dimensions (W×D×H) (mm) 570x416x282
Weight (kg) 25
Environmental conditions
Ambient temperature -25°C to +50°C
Storage temperature -30°C to +65°C
Relative humidity 15%-95%
(1) RG means range, the same as below;
(2) RD means the setted harmonic content, harmonic can be a single output, also multiple output.

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