Power Quality Analyzer

  • 3 phase power quality analyzer
  • GF438II Three Phase Power Quality Analyzer With 6000A Current Probe

    GF438II handheld three phase power quality analyzer supports the measurement of 50 Hz and 60 Hz power frequency system. It can record and analyze different types of power quality parameters such as voltage, current, harmonic, frequency, fluctuation, flicker, sag, power and three-phase unbalance of power supply line. It has advanced power quality measurement function and provides professional upper computer GFUVEPQA analysis software for secondary analysis and report file. To provide users with the most accurate power fault diagnosis analysis. And there are Ethernet, input contact, output contact, USB and other communication ports, which can flexibly carry out network communication.
    IEC61000-4-30 CLASS A;
    Harmonic measurement of IEC61000-4-7;
    Flicker measurement of IEC61000-4-15;
    Measurement accuracy 0.1%.