TEST-750 Single phase microcomputor protection relay test set

relay test set

TEST-750 single-phase relay test set high performance, portable to test in the field; it adopts aluminum alloy body with PC panel, robust shape; with the ARM chip control, LCD screen display single-phase protective relay test device of voltage and current output stopwatch; a full isolation, adjustable AC and DC voltage, AC direct current; an adjustable DC voltage and an adjustable AC voltage; output circuit with double overload protection, high output capacity, small size, light weight, high reliability. The equipment is suitable for a variety of relay field calibration and performance test.



  • U/I Test and DC Test, All the isolation adjustable DC voltage output, short circuit, overload and over range protection automatically
  • The maximum output current: 0-150A
  • Equipped with LCD digital AC/DC ampere meter, it can show AC/DC voltage, current, stopwatch potential and contact
  • Internal electronic stopwatch, available electric contact work, potential of up to 250V, dual measurement
  • Integrated kit design with multiple functions, and easy to carry


Electrical parameters
Rated input power
AC 220V±10% 1000VA·50/60Hz or
110V±10% 1000VA·50/60Hz
Turn on/turn off auxiliary contacts
Max current 1A
Max voltage  AC250V or DC120V
AC output
Range 0-10A 0-40A 0-100A 0-100A
No-load Voltage(Min) 90V 25V 10V 10V
Full-load Voltage (Min) 80V 22V 8V  
Full-load Current (Max) 10A 40A 100A 150A
AC/DC voltage output
Range 0-250V(AC) 0-300V(DC)
No-load Voltage(Min) 250V 320V
Full-load Voltage (Min) 240V 250V
Full-load Current (Max) 3A 3A
Auxiliary DC voltage output
Range 5-120V 110-220V
Max Voltage 120V 220V
Max Current 0.5A 0.5A
Auxiliary AC voltage output
Range 0-120V
Max voltage 120V
Max current 0.5A
Range 0.0000-999999S 
Resolution 0.1mS
Accuracy ±5 words 
Max input voltage (With contact and potential nput) DC 250V 
Range Inside 0.000-150.0A
Outside 0.000-6.000A(AC or DC)
Accuracy 0.50%
Range 0.0-600.0V(AC or DC)
Accuracy 0.50%
Measuring mode AC True RMS
DC Average value
Resistance 0.5Ω-2.5kΩ
Mechanical characteristics
Dimensions (W×D×H) (mm) 340×270×260
Weight 18kg
Mechanical parameters
Temperature -10°C to 40°C
Relative humidity  <80%

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