FU-80 low cost Indoor Single Phase Split Core Current Transformer

single phase split core current transformer

The GFUVE FU-XX series split core CTs are compact and low cost current transformers with high accuracy. The CTs are ideal for quick and easy installation without disconnecting cables during installation. Multiple installation mechanisms provide stable and durable current measurement.



  • Most cost-effective
  • Faster installation
  • Safe and easy installations
  • High accuracy 0.5
  • Holding wire diameter: φ30mm, φ55mm, φ80mm
  • Ratio’s ranging from 100/1A to 1200/5A
  • CE, UL


Technical parameters 
Standards IEC/EN60044-1 & IEC61010-1 & IEC61869-2&ANSI C57.13
Ratio 200:1, 400:5, 800: 5 or 1000:5 , customized
Nominal input current(Primary current) 200A-1200A
Overload withstand 1.2 times rated current continuously
Accuracy 0.2%, 0.5 %, 1%
System Voltage 720V(0.72kV)
Output signal 1A or 5A
333mV AC or 100mV-2V optional
Burden 2.5VA
Frequency range 40 Hz-500 Hz
Dielectric strength 3KV 50Hz/60Hz at 1 minute
Output mode Terminal output
Max. jaw opening 30mm, 55mm, 80 mm
Mechanical parameters 
Dimensions (W×D×H) (mm) 88×129×28,108×155×28,138×193×28
Weight(g) 400, 550, 600
Operating conditions
Operating temperature -25°C to +55°C
Relative Humidity 0-85% non-condensing
Altitude <3500 meters
Condition No existence of severely begrimed, erosive and
radioactive gas in the air. Permission of long-term
operation under rated current.

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