GF2018 High voltage wireless primary current sensor

Wireless Current Sensor

GF2018 is the newest version of the wireless primary current sensor. Rational design and adopts 433M transmit technology for data transfer. It makes the current data recording more stable and accuracy. The primary current sensor using the PC and ABS material, new waterproof technology, it can keep working on line in extreme weather.



High Voltage Wireless Primary Current Sensor


  • Collect and analyze load profiles
  • Easily clamps to the line in a few seconds
  • Check for load balance
  • Patented open CT sensor with ±1% accuracy
  • 433M communication with no annoying cables to connect
  • Recorded data quickly downloads into the user's PC
  • PC-Link Software interface downloads directly into Microsoft Excel and PDF file
  • Generate reports and create graphs for profile analysis


The Primary current sensor uses the same sensor technology as the original Rogowski coil. The True RMS inductive sensor does not use magnetic materials. The opening of the sensor is electronically closed and external currents are electronically rejected.

The accuracy, external current reject, and range of currents measured by the patented amp sensor substantially exceed the performance of the best clamp-on sensors. The key feature of the unit is the ability to leave it deployed on the line to record readings every 15 minutes for 90+ days. It easily attaches to the line with a standard insulating bar. Once on the line, it immediately begins to collect and record the primary current on the line.

The Primary current sensor is equipped with a 433M wireless port for communicating the recorded data into the user’s PC. The data is downloaded through GF2018S PC-Link Software, which allows the user to download, view and query the data stored on the Primary current recorder.

The housing of the Primary current sensor is made of ABS+PC and is built to operate safely, even in severe utility environments. It is resistant to shock, waterproof and resistant to flame. It also operates within a wide temperature range. The Primary current recorder has a screw insulation bar of installation, which allows it to hang on the line securely in all weather conditions.

PC-Link Software is a user-friendly software interface that allows the user to download, view, graph and export data from the Primary current recorder into Microsoft Excel. The data directly transfers from the Primary current recorder into Excel through an 433M Port.


Basic parameters 
Recording ammeter kit 3 wireless current sensors (GF2018A, GF2018B, GF2018C)
433 HHT(handheld terminal) or 433M wireless data reader(GF2018R)
PC-LinkSoftware software(GF2018S)
Carrying case
Data recording interval 1min, 5min, 10min,15min, 30min;
Time can be set from 1 second to 60 minutes
Communication distance(wireless) Max 100m
Communication 433M, 868M or 915M (option)
Installation Installation with electricity; Disassemble with electricity
Battery 3.6 volt lithium battery,9000mAh; Battery can be replaced
Software requirements PC-Linksoftware & microsoft Excel
Processor 100 MHz or higher (200 MHz or higher recommended)
RAM 32 MB, 64M recommended
Drive space 15 MB to load software, 10 MB of operating Space
Use of position Outdoor or indoor
Electrical parameters 
Range of operation 
Voltage 69kV,35kV,20KV, 10kV, 6kV, 0.38kV 
Current 0 to 400A; 0 to 800A; 0 to 1500A; 0 to 3500A;
Sensor opening Up to 3.3 cm
Amps 1 to 99.9A 0.1A
100 to 300A 1A
Amps accuracy  ±1% of reading plus 2 counts
Frequency 60Hz (57-63 Hz) or 50Hz (47-53 Hz) models available
Mechanical parameters 
Weight (kg) 0.48
Carrying case(kg) 6.5
Environmental conditions 
Operating temperature -40°C to 60°C

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