GF2013 Mid voltage wireless primary ammeter recorder

Ammeter Recorder

Wireless medium voltage ammeter recorder is installed on 6KV-35KV power line, this phase load current measuring calculation, and the measured value through the 433M wireless communication transmission to intelligent terminal to analyzer and use. GF2013 adopts Rogowski Coil measurement technology with low power consumption and power on installation to make it use at ease.



  • Measurement Accuracy: class 1%
  • Small volume, light weight, easy to overhead installation, safe environmental protection
  • Battery power supply, low power consumption, long life
  • Transmission distance: 100 m
  • Simple structure, operation convenient
  • Install or remove with power on


Basic parameters 
Type Recording ammeter kit
3 wireless current sensors (GF2013A, GF2013B, GF2013C)
433M wireless data reader(GF2013R)
PC-Linksoftware software(GF2013S)
Carrying case
Data recording interval 5min, 10min, 15min, 30min; 
Communication distance(wireless) 100m
Communication 433M, 868M or 915M (option)
Installation Installation with electricity; remove with electricity
Battery 3.6 volt lithium battery,9000mAh
Software requirements PC-LinkSoftware & Microsoft Excel
Processor 100 MHz or Higher (200 MHz or higher recommended)
RAM 32 MB, 64M Recommended
Drive Space 15 MB to load software, 10 MB of operating space
Electrical parameters
Amps accuracy ±1% of reading plus 2 counts
Frequency 50/60 Hz
Range of operation 
Voltage 69kV, 35kV, 20KV, 10kV, 6kV 
Current 1-100A, 1-300A
Sensor opening up to 3.3 cm
1-99.9A 0.1A
100-300A 1A
Mechanical parameters 
Dimensions (W×D×H) (mm) 500x600x175
Weight (kg) 0.42
Environmental conditions 
Operating temp -40°C to 60°C
Use of position Outdoor or indoor

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