T-206 Anti-interference Dielectric Loss Tester

Dielectric loss tester can effectively find the overall damp, deterioration and partly defects of electrical equipment insulation, which are widely used in electrical manufacturing, electrical equipment installation, handover and preventive testing.
The anti-interference precision dielectric loss tester is used for on-site anti-interference, dielectric loss measurement or laboratory dielectric loss measurement. The instrument is an integrated structure with built-in dielectric loss bridge, variable variable frequency power supply, test transformer and standard capacitor, etc.. The instrument adopts frequency conversion anti-interference and Fourier transform digital filtering technology, fully automatic and intelligent measurement, and the measurement data is very stable under strong interference. The result of measurement is displayed by large screen display, and the instrument comes with micro printer to print and print test results.



  • With positive / reverse wiring, internal / external standard capacitor, internal / external high voltage, reverse connection, low voltage shielding, CVT and variable ratio, and other modes of operation. Can automatically distinguish capacitance, inductance, resistance type test sample. Integrated structure, fully automatic, intelligent measurement, easy to use and carry
  • With ordinary measurement and accurate measurement mode.Testing spped under accurate measurement mode is slower than the ordinary measurement mode, and is suitable for big interference in scene occasions. For commen scene occasions, ordinary measurement mode can be used..
  • The frequency conversion anti-interference can be measured accurately under 200% interference, and the test data is stable. It is suitable to do the anti-interference dielectric loss test on the spot
  • By using digital waveform analysis and Bridge self calibration technology, the accuracy and stability of the positive / reverse connection are consistent. With high-precision three terminal standard capacitor, high precision dielectric loss measurement is realized
  • Built in series and parallel dielectric loss measurement model, and can simulate voltage capacitor bridge and current comparator for convenient instrument verification
  • During CVT self excitation magnetic measurement, the measuring line can be connected with the floor, C1/C2 can be measured at the same time to automaticly compensate the voltage sharing effect of ground busbarbar and standard capacitor, without changing line and external parts
  • The utility model has the function of reverse connection and low voltage shielding. Under the condition of 220kV CVT ground busbarbar, the C11 can be carried out the measuring of the dielectric loss of the lower shield without disconnecting the 10kV , and simultaneously measuring the capacitance and the dielectric loss of the lower shielding par
  • With CVT ratio measurement function, it can measure the CVT ratio, polarity and phase error
  • Safety measures

    High voltage protection: Under condition of short circuit, breakdown or high voltage current fluctuation, it can cut off output at a high speed by short circuit mode

    Power supply protection: incorrect connection of 380V, power supply fluctuation or sudden power failure, it will starti protection and avoid to cause over-voltage

    Ground protection: it has the function of ground wiring detection and can not step up when it is not grounded. If the instrument is not grounded properly, the ground protection is started

    CVT protection: four protection limits of voltage and current in high voltage, voltage and voltage and current in low voltage side to protect the equipment; the wrong menu will not output the exciting voltage. In CVT measurement without 10kV high voltage output

    Anti misoperation: two level power switch; real-time monitoring of voltage and current; repeated key confirmation; distinctive terminal of high / low voltage; slow step-up; quick decompression; sound and light alarm

    Anti - "Capacitance rise": when measuring large capacitance sample, the "rise" effect of voltage can occur. The instrument can automatically track the output voltage and keep the test voltage constant

    High voltage cable: high voltage insulated wire can be used even connectting the floor

    Anti-seismic performance: the instrument adopts unique anti-seismic design, and can withstand strong long-distance transportation, vibration and jolt without damage

  • Print storage: instrument with a micro printer, and you can print and output the measurement results. The measurement results will be stored into the device (which can store 100 sets of measurements) or U disk for checking in the future..
  • Real time clock: instrument with real-time clock, real-time display, and can record the date and time of measurement


Electrical parameters
Power supply Single phase AC 220V±10% or 110V±10%, 50/60HzAC
Accuracy Cx: + (reading * 1%+1pF)TG Delta: + (reading * 1%+0.00040)
Anti-interference index frequency conversion anti-interference, can achieve the accuracy under
200% interference
Capacitance range Internal applied high voltage: 3pF ~ 60000pF/10kV 60pF to 1 mu F/0.5kV
External applied high voltage: 3pF to 1.5 F/10kV 60pF to 30 mu F/0.5kV
Resolution maximum 0.001pF, 4 bit significant digits
TG delta range no limit, resolution 0.001%, capacitance, inductance, resistance, three
kinds of test products, automatic identification.
Test current range 10 A to 5A
Internal Applied high voltage set voltage range: 0.5 ~ 10kV
Maximum output current 200mA
Lifting mode continuous smooth adjustment
Voltage accuracy + (1%× readings +10V)
Voltage resolution 0.1V
Test frequency 45, 50, 55, 60, 65Hz single frequency
45/55Hz, 55/65Hz, 47.5/52.5Hz automatic dual frequency conversion
Frequency accuracy 0.01Hz
External applied high voltage positive and reverse wiring, the maximum test current 5A
CVT self excitation measurement output voltage 3 ~ 50V, output current 3 ~ 30A
C1/C2 simultaneous measurements, high-voltage wiring can be mopping
CVT ratio measurement change ratio measurement accuracy: + reading×1% ratio, measuring
range: 10~99999
Phase measurement accuracy: + 0.02°
phase measurement range: 0~ 359.99 °
High voltage dielectric loss support frequency conversion and vibration supply, high voltage
dielectric loss
Real time clock time and date display in real time
Internal storage 100 sets of measurement data can be stored inside the instrument
U disk supports U disk storage
LCD 5.7″black and white LCD displaye
Communication RS232 and USB communication interface
Printer internal installed 58mm wide thermal printer.
Standard IEC61010-1, IEC61326-1
Mechanical parameters
Dimension (L×W×H) (mm) 368x288x280
Weight (kg) 22
Environmental conditions
Operating temperature -10°C to 50°C
Storage temperature -20°C to 70°C
Relative humidity ≤85%RH

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