GF211 Electrical double clamp portable phasor meter

phasor meter

GF211 double clamp phase volt-ampere meter is a multi-functional portable instrument. It can measure not only alternating voltage, but also alternating current. Its important function is to measure phase angle between two voltages, between two current or between voltage and current. The current signal is obtained by the clamp current transformer without cutting off current wire. It can discern inductive circuit and capacitive circuit; can directly read differential protection phase among every unit of CT; can check connection of transformer; measure three way voltage phase sequence; can check whether the meter connection is right or not; can evaluate the running speed of electric kWh meter. It has high resolution of current, so can be used as a leakage current meter. It is an ideal choice for electric power bureau, factories, mine, petroleum -chemistry enterprises, metallurgy factories and so on.



Electrical parameters 
Accuracy class  1%, 2%
Power supply Two 9V batteries
Phase 0-360°
AC Voltage 500V
AC Current 200mA/2A/10A
Fundamental error (under standard operating environment)
Temperature 23°C±5°C
Moisture <65%
Wave form Sine wave Distortion ≤1%
Frequency 50± 2Hz, 60± 2Hz
Wire position Center of clamp
Phase measurement Voltage: 100V± 25V
Current: 1A±0.2A
Phase accuracy 1.0% FS
Electrical parameters - continued
Fundamental error (under standard operating environment) - contiued
Voltage accuracy 
200V 1.0FS, Resolution: 0.1V
500V 1.0FS, Resolution: 1V
Voltage accuracy 
10A 2.0FS, Resolution: 10mA
2A 2.0FS, Resolution: 1mA
200mA 2.0FS, Resolution: 0.1mA
Input impedance
When measure voltage 1MΩ
Input voltage impedance >120KΩ when measure phase
Phase measurement
Voltage accuracy 3V-500V
Current range 0.01A-10A
Additional error
Measure phase angle, the voltage and the current Less than the fundamental error
Measure current The error led by wires away from center of clamps is less than the fundamental error
Safety specification  
Resistance to voltage The meter can resist 1000V (AC sine wave, 50Hz or 60 Hz) for 1 minute between the meter circuit and the meter case; Between input joint U1 and U2 can resist 500V (AC sine wave, 50Hz or 60 Hz) for 1 minute.
Insulation resistance The resistance both between the meter circuit and the meter surface and between the terminals U1 and U2 is greater than 100MΩ.
Mechanical parameters 
Dimensions (W×D×H) (mm) 185×167×35
Weight (kg) 0.5
Environmental conditions 
Working temperature 0°C±40°C
Humidity ≤80%
Double clamp phase volt-ampere meter 1 piece  
Clamps 10A 2 pieces
Clamp wire 2 pieces
Voltage wire 2 pieces
User's manual 1 piece  
Accessory - continued 
Certification of quality 1 piece  
Box 1 piece  

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