FU2200 RS485 port three phase stop digital power meter

three phase power meter

FU2200 industrial panel RS485 power meter is a powerful three phase stop digital power meter, it can measure and display all the electrical parameters as well as harmonics ratio of current and voltage. Four modules can be plugged-in together: RS-485 communication, digital input/output, energy pulse and DC 4-20mA analog output module, in order to meet all kinds of demands. This model FU2200 RS485 digital power meter be used in various energy management system, residential power monitoring, control system, industrial automation, smart buildings etc. It can as 3×220/380V, 3×5A, 0.5s three phase energy meter.



  • Hotel;
  • Airport;
  • Factory;
  • Power plant;
  • Energy meter;
  • Industrial system;
  • Intelligent building;
  • Power quality analysis;
  • Power monitoring system;
  • Data transmission center;
  • Photovoltaic power station;
  • Mobile communication company;
  • Medium and low voltage systems;
  • Commercial, industrial, utility;
  • Electric energy metering cabinet;
  • Low voltage distribution cabinet;
  • Industrial and mining enterprises;
  • High voltage distribution cabinet;
  • Energy consumption monitoring system;
  • Electric energy metering of photovoltaic power station;
  • Metering of distribution feeders, transformers, generators, capacitor banks and motors;


  • High accuracy 0.5s/0.5%;
  • 5-line LCD with backlight;
  • Max/Min Log with Timestamp;
  • Multiple preset value alarms;
  • PT,CT ratio can be programmable;
  • RS485 communication module optional;
  • Direct voltage input up to 600V / AC;
  • DC 4-20ma analog output module optional;
  • Profibus communication module optional;
  • Field configurable 5A/1A CT input by key;
  • Electric energy pulse output module optional;
  • Time division multiple rate, real-time clock;
  • Visual display bar chart indicates full load rate;
  • Remote signaling and remote control module optional;
  • 96×96mm panel installation, 92×92mm trepanning dimension;
  • Measure the harmonic content of voltage and current of each phase;
  • There are six wiring modes: 3P4W, 3P4W balance, 3P3W, 3P3W balance, 1P2W and 1P3W;
  • Measure phase voltage, line voltage, current, power, power factor, frequency, positive and negative active energy metering and positive and negative reactive energy metering;


Electrical parameters 
Power supply (AC/DC) AC85-265V / DC85-330V, DC18-90V (optional)
Power consumption: <3VA
Class 0.5S, 0.5, 1.0
Measurement parameters Voltage (Ph-N); Voltage (Ph-Ph); Current; Frequency; PF; Active Power(W); Reactive Power(Q) ; Apparent Power(S), 2nd-31st harmonics, Energy
Harmonics Total harmonics ratio of phase-voltage
Total harmonics ratio of current
2nd-31st harmonics ratio of Phase-voltage (RS485 output)
2nd-31st harmonics ration of current (RS485 output)
Voltage THD: 0-30%
Current THD: 0-30%
Maximum value Max. value for voltage/current
Max. value for active power
Max. value for reactive power
Max. value for apparent power
Computation Forward active power energy
Reverse active power energy
Forward active power energy
Reverse reactive power energy
Measuring range 30-600V, 0-6A, 45-65Hz, -1 ~ 0 ~ 1
Measuring accuracy Frequency: 0.1%
Electric energy: 0.5S, 0.5%, 1.0%
Voltage : 0.2%±0.1V
Current : 0.2%±0.001A
Power : 0.5% ±0.4W
Power factor : 0.5% ±0.001
Display Wide screen angle; Light blue back-lit LCD display; 5 display figures; 6 operation keys.
Communication Support RS485 port with expansion module FM-485, Modbus-RTU communication protocol. 32 (128) meters are connected as a network.
Programmable Measuring system: 3P4W/3P3W etc.
Transformation ratio : PT,CT.
Address: 1-247; Baud: 1200~19200; Parity bit: N/E/O
Energy: reset
Energy pulse (expansion) FM-E2 provides active & reactive energy pulse output. 6 pulse parameters can be choose. Range: 0.1-10000kWh/kvarh; Dry contact output (1AX100V).
Data collection (expansion) Each FM-K2 module can collect 2-ways dry contact counting
Control (expansion module) Each FM-K2 provides 2 relay contact outputs, which can be controlled by communication or the measured parameters.
Analog output (expansion module) Each FM-A20 module provides 2 ways of DC 4-20mA outputs, the function-relations can be set according to the measured parameters.
Connection mode 3P4W, 3P4W BAL, 3P3W, 3P3W BAL, 1P2W, 1P3W
Standard EN610101:2010; EN61010-2-030:2010; EN61326-1:2013;
EN61000-3-2:2014; EN61000-3-3:2013; IEC61000-4;
IEC61557-12; IEC60068-2-1/2/30
IEC 62052-11; IEC 62053-21; IEC 62053-22
Mechanical parameters 
Dimensions (mm) Mounting panel: 96x96
Thickness: 20
Depth: 60 (without expansion module)
80 (without expansion module)
Weight 550g
Mounting Panel mounting
Trepanning: 92x92mm
Environmental conditions 
Temperature -25 to +50°C
Humidity 20%-95%RH, Without condensation

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