FUD-DI/DU Electrical DC current and voltage transducer

DC transducer

FUD-DI/DU electrical DC current and voltage transducer change the measured signal to a DC current / voltage output according to the linear scale; excellent temperature characteristic and good working stability, configuration compactness and briefness.



  • DC voltage transducer
  • DC current transducer
  • Accuracy class can reach 0.2%
  • DC input range can be customized
  • DC output range can be customized


FUD-Type-Input-Power Supply-Output
Type DI: DC current transducer
DV: DC voltage transducer
DC input A1: 0-75mA, A2: 0-100mA, A3: 0-±75mV, A4: 0-±100mV, A5: 0-20mA,
A6: 4-20mA, A7: 0-5A, A8: 0-15A, V0: 0-5V, V1: 0-30V,
V2: 0-60V, V3: 0-300V, V4: 0-400V, V5: 0-450V, Vn: User define.
Power supply P1: AC110V±10%, P2: AC220V±15%, P3: AC110V-330V.
DC output O1: 0-5V, O2: 1-5V, O3: 0-20mA, O4: 4-20mA, O5: 1-3-5V,
O6: 4-12-20mA.
Example 1: FUD-DI-A2-P2-O4
FUD series DC current transducer Input: DC 0-100mA
Power supply: AC220V±15%
Output: DC4-20mA
Example 2: FUD-DU-V3-P2-O4    
Details: FUD series DC voltage transducer Input: DC 0-300V
Power supply: AC220V±15%
Output: DC4-20mA
Please check the type, input range, output range and power supply when your order the product.

Technical Index

Technical Index 
Standard QB/441600 17 079-2001
Accuracy 0.2%, 0.5%
Consumption ≤3VA
Accuracy drift Annual variation < 0.2%
Insulation voltage AC 2kV/min.1mA (Between input- output / power)
Insulation resistance ≥20MΩ (DC500V)
Surge voltage 5KV (Peak value), 1.2/50μs
Response time ≤350ms
Input range AC 0-10A ,AC 0-500V(Option)
Absorbed power ≤0.1VA
Overload Current: 2 times continuous, 20 times /1s;
Voltage: 2 times continuous
Load resistance Current output: RL≤550Ω
Voltage output: RL≥2kΩ
Working environment Temperature: -10 to +50℃
RH: 20-90%, without condensation
Storage conditions Temperature: -40 to +70℃
RH: 20-95%, without condensation
Installation 35mm DIN sliding-way or M4 screws
Dimension 55mm x 75mm x 120mm

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