FU120 low voltage bus bar type split core current transformer


Busbar Type Split Core Current Transformer also called Split Core Current Transformer or Openable Current Transformer. It mainly applies for electric system renovation project with easy installation, no need to remove primary busbar, can also operate when power on without affect clients’ normal electricity utilization. It can help clients renovate projects and improve efficiency to save human, material and financial resources. This series can apply with relay tester, measuring and metering devices.



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  • Easy install or remove with power on;
  • Stable and reliable;
  • Ratio could be customized;
  • Various size to meet different busbar installation;
  • Can apply with relay tester, measuring and metering devices.


    Electrical parameters 
    Accuracy class  0.2%, 0.5%, 1%
    Primary current 1000A-3000A
    Secondary current 5A
    Characteristic and application Available for copper platoon that under 3000A online measurement.
    Load capacity 0.1Ω(1A output), 2.5VA(5A output), 5VA
    Installation Bracket and Bus bar installation
    Output mode Terminal output
    Mechanical parameters 
    Width of the clamping copper platoon (mm) 120×30, 120×130
    Overall dimensions (mm) 166×110×49, 166×208×49

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