GB8007 BeiDou/GPS/GLONASS/GALILEO binary multi-source time synchronization server

Beidou time server

The GB8007 BeiDou/GLONASS/GPS/Galileo time server synchronization system provides accurate synchronization time signals to various power system automation devices by using the second synchronization signals and time information messages sent by BeiDou Navigation System, GLONASS (global navigation satellite system) and GPS (Global Positioning System) satellites. A GNSS time server utilizes the GNSS receiver as a reference time source and distributes the received absolute time throughout the network. By using a time server with NTP the GNSS signal looses its timing accuracy, it is therefore rather reasonable to use an IEEE1588 time server in combination with a GNSS receiver, since PTP is able to distribute the highly accurate GNSS time signal.



  • For relay protection device test, inspection line longitudinal protection (high frequency phase difference protection device).
  • For fault location, especially for the development of dual-terminal traveling wave ranging principle of the device to create conditions.
  • The standard clock used for frequency monitoring, means the system frequency error accumulation is compared with the schedule by the difference between the power frequency clock and the standard time.
  • The synchronous clock used for phase measurement, the GB8007 is used for synchronizing the sampling pulse, and the synchronization error is very small, which can ensure the accuracy of phase measurement.
  • Providing time synchronization signals for power network automation devices such as fault recorder, event recorder, microcomputer relay protection device, microcomputer measurement and control device, merging unit, intelligent terminal and various safety automatic devices, telecontrol and microcomputer monitoring system, dispatching control system, etc.


  • All signal input and output interfaces are photoelectric isolation measures, safe and reliable.
  • High performance, wide range switching power supply, AC-DC compatible input, convenient and reliable, stable operation.
  • Providing group programmable pulse, each group can be set separately to PPS, PPM, PPH, flexible and convenient.
  • 3U Frame structure, 19 inch standard chassis, plug-in functional interface module, easy installation and maintenance.
  • Multiple 32-bit high-speed microprocessors + large-scale integrated FPGA chips, parallel high-speed data processing and various code, excellent performance.
  • All-weather signal coverage, independent two-star system each other to ensure a long continuous high-precision timing.
  • Time interface using plug-in structure, users can be customized based on demand, a variety of configuration methods, it's convenient to manage and upgrade.
  • Automatic selection of clock source according to priority, when receiving and decoding external IRIG-B (DC) code, automatic delay compensation correction technology is used to improve timing accuracy.
  • High-precision punctuality frequency is derived from adaptive synchronization technology, closed-loop control punctuality technology to tame constant temperature crystal oscillator, to achieve long-time high-precision punctuality.
  • Separate 10 M/100M network ports (each port has a separate MAC address), flexible configuration, can be used in different sub-nets or different physical isolation networks, using NTP/SNTP protocols to provide time synchronization services.
  • Having two PTP V2 high-precision timing Ethernet interfaces while down-compatible with V1 protocols, telecom-level timing accuracy, support multicast and multicast transmission modes, and support the best master clock selection algorithm.
  • Independent GPS/BEIDOU binary system has wide signal coverage, high signal intensity and convenient distributed installation. Especially suitable for power plant, substation, communication base station, railway, airport and other equipment time synchronization.


1. Output Signal
Timing signal type Interface Type Timing accuracy Interface parameters Number of interfaces
Beidou-1 GPS
Pulse TTL level -0.14μS -0.06μS 5V level 2 channels
Air contact 1μS 1μS C/E room pressure 300 V/50mA 6 channels
Optical fiber output -0.14μS -0.06μS multimode, wavelength 850/1310 nm 6 channels
IRIG-B Time Code TTL level -0.08μS 0.01μS 5V level 2 channels
RS485 level 0.12μS 0.2μS Differential balance level 10 channels
Optical fiber output -0.08μS 0.01μS multimode, wavelength 850/1310 nm 6 channels
(AC) AC code 10μS 10μS Transformer isolation output 4 channels
Serial port RS232 0.18mS 0.18mS DB9 interface 2 channels
RS485/422 0.18mS 0.18mS Phoenix terminal 10 channels
Ethernet NTP/SNTP 10mS 10mS RJ45 interface 2 channels
PTP 0.2μS 0.2μS RJ45 interface 2 channels
2.Input Signal
Name of clock source Technical parameters Remarks
Beidou-1 Receiver frequency :2491.75MHz Built-in
Carrier frequency :1615.68 MHz
Acceptance sensitivity :-127.6 dBmW
Capture time :35 S ﹤10 S; hot start and cold start
Timing accuracy :≤100 ns( unidirectional),≤20 ns( bidirectional)
GLONASS Receiver frequency :1602~1616MHz (G1 signal) Built-in
Acceptance sensitivity :-127.6 dBmW
Capture time :35 S ﹤10 S; hot start and cold start
Timing accuracy :≤100 ns (unidirectional)
GPS Receiver frequency :1575.42 MHz (L1 signal) Built-in
Receiving sensitivity: capture <-160 dBW, tracking <-163 dBW
Capture time :200 S <25 S; hot start and cold start
Timing accuracy :≤100 ns (1pps versus UTC time)
Simultaneous tracking: no less than 4 satellites in cold start; no less than 1 satellite in hot start; up to 12 satellites can be tracked at the same time, parallel 12 channels.
IRIG-B Time Code The IRIG-B code shall comply with the provisions of the IRIG Standard 200-04 and contain the year and time signal quality information (reference IEEE C37.118-2005), the time is standard Beijing time. Built-in
Type of interface: multimode fiber, operating wavelength 850 nm or 1310 nm.
When the optical fiber is transmitted, the light should correspond to the high level, and the light should go out to the low level.
Adopt IRIG-B000 format.
An automatic time delay compensation correction technique is used to μs the timing accuracy better than 1 μs.
PTP input With E2E and P2P two modes of timing. Built-in
Support one-step, two-steps working mode.
Core punctuality clock module Adopt high precision constant temperature crystal frequency precision reaches 2 E-11 order of magnitude. Built-in
Self-service error ≤3.5 us/24H.
Name of parameter Parameters
Environmental parameters Working temperature :-20 to +70oC
Storage temperature :-45 to +85oC
Humidity :<95%
Power supply Power supply :220 V±20% or 110 V±20%,47 Hz-63 Hz
DC power supply :220 V±20% or 110 V±20%
Power consumption ≦15 W
EMC grade Grade IV specified in the GB/T 17626-2008
Alarm signal Relay air contact (250 V,5A)
Appearance Weight Standard 19" Case, height is 3 U, back pluggable structure, weight is 5 KG.
Up to 8 slots are free to select various functional interface cards.

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