GB8002 BeiDou/GPS/GLONASS time server

GPS time server

GB8002 high precision BeiDou/GLONASS/GPS time server is developed by our company based on GPS timing technology device. It can display and send standard time. The time server uses the PPS and time message of BeiDou Navigation System, GLONASS (global navigation satellite system) and GPS (Global Positioning System) satellite to output time synchronization pulse. The device uses SMT surface mount technology for production and high-speed chip for control, with high precision, high stability, strong function, no accumulative error, cost-effective and easy to operate. It is also not limited by geographical and climatic conditions. The device can be widely used in electric power system, network synchronization, communication, traffic management and national defense need timing and punctuality etc.


The device has a variety of interfaces. such as RJ45, RS-232, RS-422/RS-485, IRIG-B, TTL Pulse etc. Multi-channel output pulses such as seconds, minutes and hours (free translation), convenient connections and related device, implements unidirectional or bi-directional communication.


  • Power plant;
  • Airport time system;
  • Railway time system;
  • Hospital time system;
  • Electric power system;
  • Traffic management system;
  • Financial insurance company;
  • Radio and television system;
  • Mobile communication system;
  • Network time synchronization;
  • Petrochemical iron and steel enterprises;


  • 1U Frame structure ,19 inch standard chassis, easy installation and maintenance.
  • Provide programmable TTL pulse, can be set to PPS, PPM and PPH, flexible and convenient.
  • All signal input and output interfaces are photoelectric isolation measures, safe and reliable.
  • All-weather signal coverage to ensure long-term continuous high-reliability high-precision timing.
  • High performance, wide range switching power supply, AC-DC compatible input, convenient and reliable, stable operation.
  • Satellite signal receiving and self-service hot standby, according to priority automatically select clock source, seamless switching.
  • Central master clock has 1 channel pulse ,10 channels B code ,3 channels 232 serial port ,3 channels 485 serial port ,2 channels Ethernet.
  • The 32-bit high-speed microprocessor + large-scale integrated FPGA chip, parallel high-speed data processing and various codes, excellent performance.
  • High-precision punctuality frequency is derived from adaptive synchronization technology, closed-loop control punctuality technology to tame constant temperature crystal oscillator, to achieve long-time high-precision punctuality.
  • Separate 10M/100M network ports (each port has a separate MAC address), flexible configuration, can be used in different sub-nets or different physical isolation networks, using NTP/SNTP protocols to provide time synchronization services.
  • Optional GPS, GLONASS or BeiDou or CDMA three satellite receiving modes, high signal strength, local distributed installation is convenient. Especially suitable for communication base station, power plant, substation, machine room and other equipment time synchronization.


1. Output Signal
Timing signal type Interface Type Timing accuracy Interface parameters Number of interfaces
Beidou-1 GPS
Pulse 5V TTL level -0.14μS μS 0.06 Phoenix terminal 1 channel
IRIG-B Time Code RS485 level μS 0.12 μS 0.2 Phoenix terminal 10 channels
Serial port RS232 mS 0.18 mS 0.18 RJ45 interface 3 channels
RS485/422 mS 0.18 mS 0.18 RJ45 interface 3 channels
Ethernet NTP/SNTP mS 10 mS 10 RJ45 interface 2 channels
2.Input Signal
Name of clock source Technical parameters Remarks
Beidou-1 Receiver frequency :1561 MHz (B1 signal) Optional
Acceptance sensitivity :-127.6 dBmW
Capture time :35 S ﹤10 S; hot start and cold start
Timing accuracy :≤100 ns( unidirectional),≤20 ns( bidirectional)
GLONASS Receiver frequency :1602~1616MHz (G1 signal) Optional
Acceptance sensitivity :-127.6 dBmW
Capture time :35 S ﹤10 S; hot start and cold start
Timing accuracy :≤100 ns (unidirectional)
GPS Receiver frequency :1575.42 MHz (L1 signal) Optional
Receiving sensitivity: capture <-160 dBW, tracking <-163 dBW
Capture time :200 S <25 S; hot start and cold start
Timing accuracy :≤100 ns (1pps versus UTC time)
Simultaneous tracking: no less than 4 satellites in cold start; no less than 1 satellite in hot start; up to 12 satellites can be tracked at the same time, parallel 12 channels.
Core punctuality clock module Adopt high precision constant temperature crystal frequency precision reaches 2 E-11 order of magnitude. Built-in
Self-service error ≤18 us/24H.
Name of parameter Parameters
Environmental parameters Working temperature :-20 to +70 °C
Storage temperature :-45 to +85 °C
Humidity :<95%
Power supply Power supply :220 V±20% or 110 V±20%,47 Hz-63 Hz
DC power supply :220 V±20% or 110 V±20%
Power consumption ≦10 W
EMC grade Grade IV specified in the GB/T 17626-2008
Alarm signal Relay air contact (250 V,5A)
Appearance Weight Standard 19" Chassis , hight is 1U, Integrated structure , weight is 2 KG.

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