Transformer Test

  • GF1061 Portable Precision Current Transformer Testing CT PT Analyzer

    GF1061 portable CT PT analyzer is mainly used for field or lab testing, it can finish the measurements (M) and protection (P) class CT, PT and TYP class CT. Adopt 7 inch touch TFT LCD, self-equipped mini type printer supporting field printing; supporting to use USB flash disk to download data or RS232 port to PC control. This model GF1061 CT PT Analyzer is the most complete and easy-to-use testing system for protection and metering CTs according to IEEE C57.13 and IEC60044 & IEC61869 standards...


    • With mini type printer
    • Accuracy 0.05% or 0.1%
    • CT: 1-30000/PT:1-10000
    • In-built PT test function
    • 3000groups test data logger
    • IEC60044/IEC61869/ANSI C57.13
  • GF106T Portable CT PT analyzer

    • 0-1000A/0-2500V
    • CT: 25000/5A-5000/1A
    • Storage 3000groups data
    • Ratio, phase error testing
    • PT: 1-500KV/100V/120V/220V
    • Auto test knee point voltage